FISM Korea 2018


Enjoy the Winners from Busan 2018 one more time

Please note: The photos are NOT in a particular order. If you want a high resolution copy just drop me a line and I will be happy to send you the one you wish.

Sangsoon Kim

Sho Takashige

Miguel Muñoz,

Eric Chien

Marc Weide

Sergio Starman

Eric Chien

An Ha Lim


Alec Tsai

Javi Benitez

Pere Rafart

Bill Cheung

Tutti Li Famili

Nathalie Romier

Christopher Castellini

Yann Yuro

Lucca & Anca


Han Manho

Read Chang

Miguel Muñoz


Yukihiro Katayama

Nestor Hato

Florian Sainvet

Axel Hecklau

Always left: Yuji Yasuda, and always right:


FISM President Domenico Dante.

Center: Javier Botia